Frequently Asked Questions



Why Tugolo?

We provide trips created and run by locals who use their local knowledge, networks and all the local secrets to create a travel experience that is truly authentic, unique, and local – and it positively contributes to social and economic development in the places you go.

Support: travel partners provide local knowledge, recommendations, and a truly personalized experience
Authenticity: trips are arranged by trusted local providers who create a personalized travel experience that you can’t find anywhere else
Transparency: we will always include the details about where you’re staying, what you’ll be doing, the cost of your trip, what’s included, how much money you should bring with you, what to do when you arrive, and more – it’s important to us that you feel prepared and comfortable

Where do Tugolo trips take place?

We currently have providers in Albania, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Portugal, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda.

How much does a trip cost?

Prices can vary from $50-$4000 depending on the number of days, type of accommodation and activities involved. Explore all trips here .

How do I get started?

Start exploring the trips available and creating an account here (top right corner). When you see a trip you like, send us a message to ask any questions or to request specific availability.

What’s included in the price?

It varies from trip to trip. What is included in the trip is specifically outlined on each individual trip page.

Do I need to buy insurance?

The decision to purchase medical or cancellation insurance is up to you. In Canada, the Government Health Insurance Plan (for example, OHIP) only covers a limited portion of any medical expenses once you leave the province or country. Medical insurance can supplement this coverage in case you get sick or have an emergency while travelling.

Cancellation insurance can cover the cost of your flight if you are not able to make your flight, due to an unanticipated medical situation or some of other unexpected events. It can also cover the cost to replace your luggage should your luggage be lost during your travel.
Tugolo can add medical or travel insurance to most trips for residents of Ontario.

Is it safe?/How do I know my trip is safe?

We have regional managers in all areas that we run trips. These regional managers are responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of providers and trips.
Based on over 15 years of running international trips and community development projects, Tugolo and its trip leaders have a vast knowledge of best practices while travelling.

Some examples of precautions we take on each trip include:

  • Limited travel at night, and never without the accompaniment of our local partners or to areas with which we are not familiar;
  • Secure transportation – our trusted partners are our sole source of transportation;
  • Belongings are locked up and secured at all times;
  • Full support provided by our regional managers on all elements of your travel; and
  • Access to a local cell phone with local and international emergency contacts.
Are my flights included?

We help all of our travellers with their travel arrangements. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

Can I be a trip provider?

Yes! The best travel experiences happen when travelers have a trusted friend in the places they want to visit. If you have an authentic experience to share, you can be that trusted friend. Apply to become a Trip Provider here.

What should I do if I know someone who would provide great trips?

Reach out to them and refer them to this page. </