About Tugolo



What makes us different?

The Tugolo travel experience is a trip created and provided by remarkable people in the lesser-known places that you want to visit. This is the trip you’re already looking for, that you just can’t find anywhere else. Our trusted local trip providers use their local knowledge, networks and all the local secrets to create a travel experience that is truly authentic, unique, and local – and it positively contributes to social and economic development in the places you go.


Experience real culture, real people, real communities, and lesser-known places that you just can’t find anywhere else. The Tugolo travel experience is exceptional for you, and great for the world around us.


Join the travel revolution

Everyone knows that the best trips happen when you have a trusted friend who lives in the place you want to go. Tugolo takes that to a whole new level. These aren’t just any ordinary experiences, these are culture-rich trips you just can’t find anywhere else.

 This is a trip created just for you… and your trusted friend is the only person who can provide it.


Now you have a trusted friend, wherever you want to go

Smiles and peace signs in a rural village in Kenya

When locals create and provide your travel experience, up to


of the cost of your trip directly benefits local economies.


What makes us different?